Hi, my name is Anika, and I am a web developer living in London.

To explain what you might expect from this blog, I will cite from my first blog post:

  • Hereby I predict the following main subjects: web development, London, philosophy, random geekiness, music and anecdotes (from so-called “real life”).
  • I will also use this blog as a bit of a web development playground. Do not expect gorgeous design and do not expect it to be ever finished. But do expect me trying to adhere to as many accessibility standards as possible and more niceties for Firefox than for Internet Explorer 6.
  • As I am German, you can also probably expect: casual errors, quirky wording and a too simple language.

What takes the most of my free time: DokuWiki, music and sci-fi. Whoever likes to know more about my professional me can have a look at my online CV. If you like to know more about my personal me, I am afraid, you would have to meet me in person … or try to read between the lines of this blog.