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Gummi bear experiment

10th September 2011

I started a little social experiment with gummi bears by accident.

I recently brought a bag of gummi bears to work. When I arranged a few complete sets of all available flavours by colour as usual (a little OCD, I know ;-)), I asked a colleague who was sitting next to me: “Which is the odd one out?”
I didn’t ask out of interest, because I assumed she would agree with me on the answer to that question anyway. I guess I only wanted to show that beautiful pattern. But the surprising thing was: She didn’t agree with me and picked a completely different colour…

After asking more and more colleagues it got even more surprising: Most people not only picked different colours, but they often had a completely different reason for it!
I thought the answer was obvious but apparently it isn’t…

So, before you read what everyone has replied further below, first look at the following image and think for yourself (and reply in the comments, especially if it’s different):

Which is the odd one out? And why?

Row of gummi bears with colours in the following order: dark red, red, orange, yellow, white, green