12 April 2019

The Micaya Deck, my own set of (extended) playing cards

I have recently designed my own deck of playing cards, the Micaya Deck.

I’m not a designer but I always loved playing cards. My interest in them is mostly from the playing aspect, I love the idea of a game system and the versatility of them. And I love unusual designs.

The Micaya Deck has 4 more suits and 7 more ranks than a standard deck and has a clear and minimalist design.
I initially only designed it for myself as a fun hobby project, but have opened the designs up on MakePlayingCards’s marketplace where anyone interested can purchase them.

In this blog post I’ll explain some of my design choices and the history of the Micaya Deck.

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26 August 2018

Erasable Notebooks Review

Erasable notebooks are notebooks made of special paper which you can write on with a special pen which you can erase again and again. I really love the concept and how it’s more efficient and environmental friendly.
I had recently bought 6 of them: Rocketbook Everlast, Elfinbook, NewYes Notebook, InfiniteBook (also called EcoBook), WhyNote Book and Esquoia Notebook. With so many to compare I made a video review:

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5 September 2016

I invented a dessert: Irish Cherry Pudding

This is a three-layered dessert I invented a while ago. Its main ingredients are Baileys (Irish cream liqueur, hence the “Irish” part of the name), cherries, milk and chocolate.
It’s a mixture of what British people would call a blancmange and a jelly, and the rest of the world would call a pudding. (I hope I got that right, dessert names are different per country and quite confusing.)

This recipe is for 12× 200 ml glasses. I made all of this in a microwave but conventional heating methods will obviously work equally well.

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13 May 2016

Pure CSS image lightboxes

I don’t like using JavaScript unnecessarily. That’s why I love pure CSS solutions. As browsers are getting better and better at implementing CSS3 features, pure CSS solutions are getting slicker and more production-ready.

One of the few pure CSS solutions I built recently was a pure CSS lightbox. I built my solution first and then looked at the tens of other solutions out there to compare and check if I missed anything important.

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12 January 2016

Happy Deathday, Internet Explorer!

To celebrate the long-awaited, joyous death of Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 I baked a deathday cake for them.

The IE logo is made of blueberries which is crossed out with raspberries on top of a quark/mascarpone/custard cream on a chocolate/nut sponge base.