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Love Letter history and overview

31st July 2022

I love Love Letter, the popular card game by Seiji Kanai. It still amazes me how a game with just 16 cards can be so entertaining and exciting.

It sold millions of copies, is available in 28 languages, has 30 different official versions (at least one is published every year) and dozens of fan-made re-themes. It started the whole microgame craze which made lots of people design very small games.

To celebrate its 10th birthday this year I have made two videos.


The Micaya Deck, my own set of (extended) playing cards

12th April 2019

I have recently designed my own deck of playing cards, the Micaya Deck.

I’m not a designer but I always loved playing cards. My interest in them is mostly from the playing aspect, I love the idea of a game system and the versatility of them. And I love unusual designs.

The Micaya Deck has 4 more suits and 7 more ranks than a standard deck and has a clear and minimalist design.
I initially only designed it for myself as a fun hobby project, but have opened the designs up on MakePlayingCards’s marketplace where anyone interested can purchase them.

In this blog post I’ll explain some of my design choices and the history of the Micaya Deck.


CSS Cards (Socially) Compared

28th May 2011

Since I wrote my CSS Playing Cards, I wondered how to best publish a comparison of all the various techniques of cards I found and how to keep it up-to-date.

Then I found the answer in a great new service that’s perfect for this kind of thing:

It lets you easily create and edit comparison tables.
You can compare just about anything you can think of. Anyone (well, any registered user) can edit the tables (i.e. items and criteria) or knock something together out of already existing items. It’s more future-proof as it’s easier to update and less error-prone (if the community is there to help to maintain it). It is well thought out: You can re-arrange items and criteria to see more easily what’s important to you.

This takes the wiki concept to the next level.
If you love spreadsheets (like me), you’ll love SocialCompare.

Here is a preview of the Comparison of CSS Playing Cards I created:


CSS Playing Cards

23rd August 2010

Some days ago a friend of mine told me that he would be interested in using pure CSS playing cards for a personal project. A few people have tried CSS playing cards before. But I wasn’t satisfied with any of our findings, as ideally they should be semantic, accessible and scalable, they shouldn’t use more markup than necessary and should be pleasing to the eye. So, I was up for the challenge and created them myself …