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Silent Twittering

27th June 2009

I am not a ‘Twitter person’. Watching Hugh Laurie a few weeks ago on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross saying he is none as well was a joy. But when he uttered the following joke, he gave away a splendid idea for a sensational new micro blogging site:

I’m not a ‘Twitter person’ … I’m more of a ‘Shh person’. I subscribed to this ‘Shh network’, where you write something down, but don’t send it anywhere.

I thought someone might have picked this idea up or had the same idea before, but my short search for such an (obviously hoax) service was unsuccessful. So, I created one myself:


Apart from the fun of “cloning” Twitter, writing a better front-end code and having the satisfying feeling of implementing a small project all in one day, I also had the idea of twittering silence on twitter itself. You can follow my as interesting as everybody else’s tweets on:


By the way, I needed the underscore because a twitter user called ‘shh’ already existed … as did ‘shhh’ … and ‘shhhh’ … and ‘shhhhh’ … I could have taken ‘shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’, but maybe that wouldn’t have been such a good idea. Seems a bit desperate, doesn’t it?

These two projects are really a bit unrelated. They serve the purpose of linking to each other. (Yeah, my middle name is “PR”. Or was it “SEO”? Where is your birth certificate when you need it?)
And, of course, they share the same philosophy: “Silent twittering” for fun and more privacy awareness.