Why this blog?

I hate blogs. I never really understood what they are for. Or why people might want to write them. Or why people might even want to read them. Okay, okay, I am exaggerating. But all in all I completely share the view of Donald Brook’s essay “Why I Fucking Hate Weblogs!”.

So, why on earth should I finally give in (despite endless attempts to avoid it) and join the world of pointless babbling that calls itself the “blogosphere”? Here is why:

  • I am bored and need something “useful” to do. (Distraction is my saviour from current unemployment insanity.)
  • I am a Web Developer by profession. I need experience with one of the most important blogging engines. Therefore, I can haz WordPress.
  • I just moved from Berlin, Germany to London, United Kingdom. There are plenty of things to talk about – and (yet) a lack of people to talk to.
  • As my guitar is still in Berlin, I need a different creative outlet. (Which really means: I am a mixture of The Reverse Voyeur and The Tragically Geek.)
  • I was urged repeatedly many times pleeeeease to do so. (Really, very often, you will not believe how often I was actually asked that. Every time only by one certain individual, but who counts.)
  • I am under the delusional impression that at least some of the things I will write about could actually interest someone. No, really.
  • It is still better than torturing bunnies.

What can you expect?

  • Hereby I predict the following main subjects: web development, London, philosophy, random geekiness, music and anecdotes (from so-called “real life”).
  • I will also use this blog as a bit of a web development playground. Do not expect gorgeous design and do not expect it to be ever finished. But do expect me trying to adhere to as many accessibility standards as possible and more niceties for Firefox than for Internet Explorer 6.
  • As I am German, you can also probably expect: casual errors, quirky wording and a too simple language. (And I will most likely never mention the war.)

Let me end with my personal blog manifesto (a slightly abridged version of the “Statement of Audience” in a manner of “Blogoholics Anonymous”):

Hello, my name is Anika, and I realize that nothing I say matters to anyone else on the entire planet.


7 Responses to “Why this blog?”

  1. Andreas Gohr says:

    Welcome in the Blogosphere 😛

    Next up: Bunnies!!!

  2. Welcome to the world of irrelevance 😉 and all the best for your stay on the Island!

  3. foosel says:

    I second splitbrain and demand bunnies 😉 Besides this: Welcome, feel at home, take a cookie and a seat 🙂

    /me adds the RSS to her feed reader

  4. selfthinker says:

    Thanks to all for your welcoming words. 🙂
    As to bunnies, sorry, no blog post. See mine here: http://selfthinker.org/stuff/bunny.jpg and my comment: http://www.splitbrain.org/blog/2009-01/09b-draw_a_bunny#comment-5

  5. slasher says:

    Hi all,
    well if this is not necessary, then tell all human beings, that stare to a small window, hoping that something like sense or mind is coming out of it, about the necessity of themselves ! In my opinion, the greatest blog you can share on earth is to listen to nature, to the whispering wind, the noise of a storm, the clank of a raindrop falling down, the whizz of a thunder, the howl of a dog fare away, the melancholy moaning of a bird in a summer night ! All this keeps me alive, keeps me thinking about, who I am and what I want to be !

  6. Forent says:

    well keep going !

  7. Florent says:

    Oops misspelled my name… You know who I am know hahaha. (maybe not).

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