Best and Worst Hot Chocolate ever

While I was in Oxford a few weeks ago I had the best and worst Hot Chocolate I ever drank in my life so far. (No, I do not drink coffee.)

I had the Worst Hot Chocolate right at Oxford Railway Station at VitaBurst. Their specialty is “Fresh juice and smoothies” and they really looked tasty and healthy (but I did not try them). I am afraid Hot Chocolate does not belong to their strengths. I got a cup mainly for keeping me warm that day on my way to the hotel. I threw it away after having drunken only about a third of it. I normally hate throwing food away, but it was really that awful.

If you need a Hot Chocolate at Oxford Railway Station, get one from AMT instead. It’s not the best, but decent.

I drank the Best Hot Chocolate ever of my life at Pret on Cornmarket Street!

I sometimes drink Hot Chocolate at Pret in Hammersmith Station, which is quite good. But this one in Oxford was nothing like it. It was so much better than any I have ever tasted, I asked them what was their “secret”. They told me, not every Pret uses the same Chocolate. They use a special kind of molten chocolate (in a machine which keeps it constantly molten)!
And maybe the great location (in a 16th century building with a great interior) is doing its bit as well …

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