A meme I picked up here today:

Go to the address bar in your favorite browser and type one letter.

As I have three favourite browsers I use on a daily basis, a simple list won’t do. So, here are mine in a table per browser:

Chrome Firefox Opera
A amazon.co.uk abcwiki.selfthinker.org amazon.co.uk
B bugs.splitbrain.org bugs.splitbrain.org blog.selfthinker.org
C channel4.com cv.selfthinker.org cv.selfthinker.org
D dict.leo.org dokuwiki.org dokuwiki.org
E en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org easyjet.com
F forum.dokuwiki.org friendfeed.com firezza.co.uk
G google.co.uk google.de google.de
H heise.de https://banking.postbank.de http://wiki/ (my local development wiki)
I imdb.com bbc.co.uk/iplayer irclog.dokuwiki.org
J journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk
K tvguide.co.uk
L lebara-mobile.co.uk localhost 🙂
M my3.three.co.uk maps.google.co.uk maps.google.co.uk
N natwest.com natwest.com nationalrail.co.uk
O ofdb.de ofdb.de opera.com
P php.net https://banking.postbank.de php.net
R redaxo.de reed.co.uk
S splitbrain.org splitbrain.org slideme.org
T three.co.uk twitter.com textpad.com
U uk.androlib.com update.dokuwiki.org
V votematch.org.uk config.variomedia.de
W www.dokuwiki.org www.dokuwiki.org http://wiki/
X xing.com
Y youtube.com youtube.com
Z zumodrive.com twitter.com/zombooloo (account deleted)

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  1. Andreas Gohr says:

    Nice one 🙂 Picked it up here

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