CSS Cards (Socially) Compared

Since I wrote my CSS Playing Cards, I wondered how to best publish a comparison of all the various techniques of cards I found and how to keep it up-to-date.

Then I found the answer in a great new service that’s perfect for this kind of thing:

It lets you easily create and edit comparison tables.
You can compare just about anything you can think of. Anyone (well, any registered user) can edit the tables (i.e. items and criteria) or knock something together out of already existing items. It’s more future-proof as it’s easier to update and less error-prone (if the community is there to help to maintain it). It is well thought out: You can re-arrange items and criteria to see more easily what’s important to you.

This takes the wiki concept to the next level.
If you love spreadsheets (like me), you’ll love SocialCompare.

Here is a preview of the Comparison of CSS Playing Cards I created:

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