How a Cat got me lots of Visitors

When I blogged the funny picture of My Neighbour’s Sh*ved P*ssy, it had a side effect I didn’t expect: I got over 35,000 page views per month solely from searches for “sh*ved p*ssy” and all its variants.

80 variations of "Sh*ved P*ssy"

80 variations of "Sh*ved P*ssy" (click image to see all)

Okay, it’s actually not that surprising. But when I posted the picture, I didn’t think that far. However, the funniest thing is this list of 80 search queries I found in my Google Webmaster tools, all more or less synonyms of the term “sh*ved p*ssy”.

(By the way, I’m not using the asterisks because I’m ashamed of writing the actual words. I just like to avoid to invite even more visitors who don’t really want to be here.)

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One Response to “How a Cat got me lots of Visitors”

  1. Andi says:

    Well, that’s what the Internet was made for: pr0n and cats.

    BTW. this post is missing a picture of a cute kitten with a funny caption 😉

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